How do we carry out our vision?

Mountain Oak School philosophy is based upon these principles:

    • Learning to think, learning to care and learning to create.
    • A classical and innovative education.
    • A strong sense of community.
    • A high degree of parental participation.
    • A close, long-term relationship with teachers.
    • Cooperative learning among peers.
    • A strong focus on respect, responsibility and compassion.
    • Fostering each child’s full potential.
    • Nurturing the imagination in the early years in order to build a foundation for abstract thinking.
    • Challenging the child’s intellect in the middle years and through 8th grade.
    • Emphasizing the child’s relationship to the natural world.
    • Promoting the child’s respect for the environment and humankind.
    • Awakening a student’s genuine enthusiasm, an interest in the WORLD, (a love of learning) and sense of purpose in life.
    • Creativity, happiness, critical-thinking and self reliance.
    • An educational approach encouraging balance.
    • Every child as a unique spiritual being who brings gifts, as well as challenges.
    • Passion being essential in preparing graduates for important roles in life.
    • A sense of belonging and contribution.
    • Integrating imagination and the arts with academics, infusing the spirit of learning with meaning and integrity.
    • A curriculum not driven by standardized testing.
    • Promoting cooperation over competition; and imaginative play over media exposure.
    • An educational environment that does not use technology in the classroom.
    • Arts, music and movement integrated into the entire curriculum.
    • An educational program that teaches a foreign language starting in first grade.