Mid Winter Festival

This festival celebrates the beginning of the lengthening of the days, and in some traditions is considered the beginning of spring. This day is halfway between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. This festival happens during the school day with the class teacher and students making beeswax candles while hearing a wintry story and singing songs.

Here are some ways that you could celebrate Mid Winter:

  • Think of goals and things you would like to see happen in this New Year together, in this time of new beginnings, as the earth becomes Spring again and do something to celebrate that.
  • Of course, the major activity is usually candle-making in some form: rolling candles, candle dipping, making earth candles outside in the ground and lighting them. Some families have their candles blessed on this day.
  • Some families celebrate by tilling a garden plot for March planting.
  • You could have dinner in candlelight.