Parent Association

The Parent Association is greatly relied upon to staff many of the amazing events, activities and programs that we are able to provide each year.

  • Fundraising
  • Volunteering in the classroom
  • Helping with outdoor site activities
  • Building projects around the school
  • Sewing projects
  • Making crafts for school store and classrooms
  • Baking
  • Cleaning and organizing
  • Traffic/Outdoor safety duty
  • School Library
  • School Store
  • Many more…

One of the best ways to volunteer is to come to a MOS Parent Association Meeting

Parent participation is necessary to ensure that various aspects of the school curriculum, such as handwork, gardening, cooking, and woodworking, are carried out successfully. Parent participation is necessary in order to envision, develop and maintain a naturally beautiful environment for the children, inside and outside the classroom.

The Parent Association acts as a conduit for, and facilitator of, parent participation in our Mountain Oak School community. Active parent participation is integral to the well-being of the school. Mountain Oak School flourishes when the children’s education and development are nurtured both at home and at school. With this in mind, the Parent Association encourages and supports activities and communication among parents, teachers and administration.

During the school year, various activities are held where all or part of the school community gathers. These include potlucks, picnics, festivals and fairs, and faculty/staff appreciation days. At each of these events, various classes are assigned responsibilities which are coordinated by the Parent Representatives. The events are successful and enjoyed by all members of the school community based upon the energetic and enthusiastic participation of our parents.

  • Marketing Seat
  • Social Activities Seat
  • Fundraising coordinator
  • Facilities Coordinator
  • Parent Education Coordinator
  • Festivals Coordinator

Marketing is a paid position at Mountain Oak School, however the Parent Association helps to support marketing in the following ways:

Primary responsibilities:

To support marketing by coordinating volunteers to work at marketing events

  • Submit an announcement in the Prescott Daily Courier Newspaper and Magazines for all school/community events such as Open Houses, Spring Fair. This can be done via the internet 1-2 weeks prior to the event.
  • Call the Daily Courier Newspaper when a class is doing a special project, (shelter buildings in 3rd grade, etc.) or a Festival to see if they’d like to take photos for the newspaper. Give them the date, time, and place and describe the event.
  • Check the Marketing Boxes in the office prior to and after each marketing event to make sure it is stocked with all the marketing needs. Use the checklist in the box. After events, make sure admin gets the inquiry list.
  • PA Marketing coordinator may create and organize marketing possibilities.

Administration must approve all proposed marketing strategies.

Marketing coordinator collaborates with PA coordinators seats:

  • Fundraising
  • Social Activities
  • Parent Education:
  • Facilities (Campus Care)
  • Festivals
  • Care Group
  • Communication
  • Parent Partnership

Primary responsibility in order of importance:

  • Add an element for social opportunities at already planned school/class events.
  • Plan 2 or more stand alone opportunities for socialization per year
  • Distribute information to the broader Prescott Community in invitation to participate at school events appropriate to building community, i.e. May Pole Dance, Music Assembly, Educational Speakers
  • Be creative: other opportunities to bridge communities; senior volunteerism, senior partnerships, disadvantaged persons outreach, networking

Examples of things to do (existing events):

  • Opening/Closing Day; area for parents to congregate and have refreshments before or after students arrive.
  • Assemblies
  • Parent Educational Events; potlucks, refreshments
  • Creating an area at school for parents to congregate prior to pick-up time
  • Conferences/

Stand alone ideas:

  • New family tea or potluck
  • School Archiving, Scrapbook club or activity
  • Potlucks
  • Teaming with other groups: lunch/snacks gathering on Campus Clean-up day, Parent Education, Festival Prep, etc.

Coordinate your plans with:

  • Calendar
  • Administration
  • Faculty Liaison
  • Communication: for assistance in announcing or advertising
  • Fundraising: ask about Mountain Oak mugs, T-shirts, bumper stickers, gifting jar to display
  • Parent Education: applicable for new parent orientation, Walk through the grades, Guest Speaker events
  • Parent Partnership; for volunteers to help with serving, organizing, food prep, etc.
  • Marketing; if applicable
  • Facilities: pre-prep, campus clean-up

Create yearly Calendar/Diary/Details of events to pass on to the next seat so it functions easily and expectations are known for future Social Activities Coordinator.

Primary Responsibilities:

To support existing fundraising events by organizing volunteers to help facilitate event or activity.

See Manual for step-by-step guide for each fundraising event listed below:

  • Music for Wonder
  • Student fundraiser
  • Silent Auction
  • Tax-Credit Drive
  • Annual Giving Campaign
  • Spring Festival (emphasis is festival, not fundraising; however, some fundraising occurs at this event)

Coordination with PA seats:

  • Parent Partnership
  • Marketing
  • Social Activities
  • Facilities (Campus Care)
  • Festivals
  • Communication

Primary Responsibilities:

To coordinate and facilitate campus upkeep:

  • Continue monthly, 3rd Saturday clean-up days
  • Refer to Lizard for campus needs from Faculty, Admin, Staff
  • Coordinate with Parent Partnership to facilitate volunteers for campus tasks
  • Set-up job banks with Parent Partnership for weekly campus tasks, i.e. watering, weeding, sweeping, equipment repair, etc.
  • Refer to campus upkeep list to develop/facilitate volunteer tasks
  • Coordinate school work day (August pre opening day clean-up).
  • Communicate with Alta Vista Garden Club (school partners)
  • Communicate with Faculty for campus gardens and beautification

Check in with administration for campus needs not in the Lizard.

Proposals for campus changes/additions must be approved by administration.

Coordinate with PA seats:

  • Parent Partnership
  • Festivals
  • Social Activities
  • Communication

Request for 2009/2010:
Develop upkeep lists; weekly, monthly, yearly with Administration.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • To share information from a parent perspective about Waldorf Education and Mountain Oak School
  • To participate in enrollment process to educate new families about Parent Association umbrella over; parent partnership, care group, facilities, communication, festivals, fundraising, social activities, marketing,
  • To encourage parent participation in Educational opportunities for parents; Waldorf guest speakers, child development talks, etc.

Coordinate with PA seats:

  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Social Activities
  • Festival

Primary Responsibilities:

To facilitate and implement the festivals as directed in the Festivals Book.

See Festivals Manual for step-by-step procedure for the following Festivals:

  • Festival of Courage and Strength (September)
  • Pumpkin Festival (October)
  • Winter Garden (December)
  • Mid-Winter Festival (Candlemas)
  • Spring Festival
  • May Festival (May Pole Dance)