New Families

Are you new to Mountain Oak School? Here are some helpful hints for getting started.

Mountain Oak School’s philosophy includes a commitment to understanding and nurturing each child’s unique inner development. We believe that significantly reducing or eliminating children’s media exposure will further enhance the ability to fully develop their potential. We ask that all parents regard this matter seriously and make every effort to consciously diminish their children’s use of television, videos/DVD’s, and video/computer games.

As teachers, we also ask your support in ensuring that children are well prepared to receive the full benefits of a Waldorf education. The individual home lives are as essential to the growth of the children as is the quality of education they receive at school. We do ask for your cooperation in the following areas:

Environmentally Conscious Living

The school strives to teach children to develop love and respect for the earth. Children come to learn that we are part of a much larger world community that needs to be kept in balance. Families can further this respect by living and modeling healthy, ecologically conscious lifestyles. Families are encouraged to recycle, teach conservation of resources, and strive for personal health and well being.


Rhythm is a fundamental principle of all life. We experience the rhythm of the year in the cycle of the seasons, the rhythm of the month in the cycle of the moon, and the rhythm of the day in the passage from darkness to light. Our bodies are also attuned to the rhythms of our breath and our heartbeat. Children flourish in environments that are not only loving but also orderly and predictable. With an external sense of order and routine, children feel comfortable living in the moment. Just knowing what is expected at different intervals in the day can help children to feel secure in the world. Young children are very sensitive to the inner and outer rhythm of life. Establishing a sense of continuity and order in their daily lives gives them a deep sense of security and well-being.

In order for children to come to school rested and refreshed, we encourage you to maintain a calm, orderly rhythm for going to bed in the evening and rising in the morning. Many parents find a regular nightly routine of story, song, for the young child or quiet conversation eases the child’s transition into sleep. Delete

Kindergarten Entry – If your child is entering kindergarten this year, you will need to provide the office with the required documentation; Identity/ age verification, immunization records or ‘Exempt from Immunization’ form. Click here to download the forms.

  • Dress Code
    – The most important thing to remember is to keep it simple. Send your children to school wearing clothes that fit properly and allow for movement and that aren’t distracting to other students. Read the Dress Code here.
  • Attendance
    – It is important that your children are at school unless they are ill. However, if they are out, you will need to call the office at 928-541-7700 each day they are absent. Read the Attendance Policy here.
  • Parking & Drop-Off/Pick-Up
    – Many of our families do not live within walking distance of our campus, so we have many cars arriving at the same time from drop-off and pick-up. Please do not park in the loop. Drop-off/Pick-up quickly and keep moving.