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Mountain Oak School accepts donations for the annual operating expenses of the school.

Pledges: Friends of the school may pledge a monthly donation to the school for a specific purpose, such as renovations at the new site, or for the operating expenses.
There was a knock on the door of the first grade classroom, smiles spread across the children’s faces as they turned to see who would enter. The memory of meeting rosy cheeked Priscilla Plus lingered in their minds. She had arrived dressed in green with a belt and a long scarf tucked under her belt. It looked just like the symbol for addition. Priscilla Plus had a basketful of vegetables that the class used to explore the process of addition. Afterwards they cut and cooked the garden treats into a delicious soup for lunch.” Who was at the door today?” they wondered.

The students had heard the stories of Duke Divide, Tumbling Times and Your Highness Minus. The door opened and a friendly fellow dressed all in yellow with crossed suspenders came cart wheeling into the room. It was Tumbling Times. The children knew what he could do; he added numbers quickly, as fast as you could do a cartwheel, he could add the numbers. The students were feeling joyful and excited. The teacher smiled, she knew the first graders would enthusiastically remember the four processes of mathematics.

All public and charter schools teach the academic standards required by the state of Arizona. What if a child could learn even more? What if the goal of a school wasn’t simply to turn out children who had academic skill, but to foster children with a love of learning? What if the children were not only academically adept but also full of wonder, able to see the world through a different set of eyes; eyes, that were not only able to see the world for what it is, but for what it could be? Is there a place where such students are not the exception, but instead the rule?

Yes, there is, and it’s available to any student regardless of income because it’s also a charter school. At Mountain Oak students have the opportunity to develop capacities beyond the basics necessary for academic excellence. Through the arts, student’s inherent tendency toward creative involvement is fostered and consciously developed.

The simple truth is that studies have shown students who learn through a holistic model have better placement on exams than those who do not. Helping a child learn to work with his or her hands, speak in a foreign language and play an instrument effects their math skills, language skills, and their ability to function in the outside world.

Humanity is facing global issues that require societies to bridge cultural differences and challenges that require innovative problem solving. The world needs individuals who can approach these issues with confidence. Today’s children who are excited about learning, who wonder at beauty, who build bridges of imagination are the very ones who will give the skills and capacities that will insure humanities continued growth and development. Mountain Oak students are given every opportunity to become the creative and gifted adults of tomorrow. With the right funding the opportunity for children can not only continue, but can grow and expand providing for the greater community to be involved.

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