Suggested School Fees

Suggested $175 Yearly Materials Fee
For all K-8th graders. Covers natural pigment paints and crayons, colored pencils, painting paper, main lesson books, modeling beeswax/clay and many other high quality materials used daily.

Suggested $60 Yearly Class Fees (Kinder & grades 1-8)
Covers the cost of daily healthy snacks, special baking and cooking used for bread, soup and other treats.

Suggested $20 Violin Rental Fee (grades 4-6)
Parents are responsible for renting a violin through the Fiddle Doctor before the 1st week of school. Scholarship’s are available for those who qualify.

Suggested $25 Rental Fee /Recorder (grades 1-5)
you do have the option to supply your own Pentatonic (grades 1-3) or Diatonic (grades 3-5) recorder.

Suggested $25 Recorder/ Percussion Rental Fee (grades 6-8)
Students use soprano, alto and tenor recorders through the year as part of an ensemble. Students also participate in a trimester of percussion class using African drums.

Pay Fees

Suggested School Fee Form are included in the Enrollment Packet. If the fees are a hardship the school will waive them.

Enrollment Forms