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Mountain Oak School Preschool offers wonderful adventures as children and teachers explore new territories. In early childhood (until about age 7), children are deeply affected and shaped by impressions of the people and environment around them, and learn primarily through imitation. Our teachers provide their students with examples of goodness that are worthy of imitation, in a warm, protected and beautiful setting.

They encourage play as the natural mode of learning. This fosters physical coordination, imaginative thinking, and important social skills. In addition, a rhythm of practical activities strengthens the will and meets the very young child’s fundamental impulse to learn imitatively through doing. Legs itching to move find balance beams, logs, and secret forest paths; ready hands find nuts to chop, cheese to grate, and wood to sand. Eager minds investigate bugs, leaves, flowers, and stones. While young hearts are fed stories, songs, and puppet plays, hungry tummies find warm snacks and hot tea for nourishment. Of course, there are new friends and lots of time to play, as the children learn about social relationships.