A Spiral of Lights

The days grow noticeably shorter, the frosty winter nights approach their longest, and we all begin to yearn for the light, which so recently illuminated our lives. To symbolize this yearning, each December, Kindergarten through 6th graders participate and 7th and 8th graders are welcome to attend and participate as well.  The ceremony takes place outside under the stars or inside a warm room a path is laid out of green boughs of evergreens. Moss, crystals, shells are placed on the greenery and stars of gold card shine inside the path. A single candle in the center of the spiral lights the spiral. Soft music sets the mood that brings the parents into the room to sit and watch their children walk the path of the spiral.

Families arrive and one at a time, the children walk the spiral. As each child approaches the entrance of the spiral they receive a white candle in a shiny red apple, which is carried to the center of the spiral. The child lights his or her own candle from the center candle and then return outward. On the journey back the candle and apple is placed on a gold star. When all the children have walked the path, the whole spiral is aglow with lights. The music softly continues as the evening comes to a close. The children receive their candle and all find their way home, illuminated in light.