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2017-2018 Enrollment is happening now  

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

This year marks our 19th year of operation.  We strive to meet our mission and vision statement.

Mission Statement: Mountain Oak School nurtures children's highest potential of thought, feeling, and determination by cultivating a sense of truth and wonder, the powers of imagination and practical knowledge, and a feeling of responsibility for themselves and the world around them.

Vision Statement: All our graduates are innovative and self- directed individuals with the skills needed to joyfully create meaning and purpose in their own lives and lowest cialis price to serve the greater community.

 This year we are excited to adopt Parent Square, a new communication platform. Parent/Square is designed so every parent can be informed and can participate. It provides an effective and safe way for the school director, teachers, administration, parent association and parent to connect, receive school and class information, share picture, sign up to volunteer, easily view calendars and events, bring items, donate toward school or class projects and link to information on Waldorf education.

We are looking forward to the School-Yard Habitat classes for kindergarten through 8th grade. There will be a dedicated teacher from Highland Center working alongside our teachers in implementing this new program. Students will be exploring native habitat and how the creatures and plants work and interact together. We appreciate the volunteers time parents have given in clearing land, laying path, digging holes and planting native plants, flowers and trees. 

We look forward to the year ahead. Thank you for choosing Mountain Oak as your school of choice.

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