State of Arizona mandate: Arizona schools remain closed through end of school year.

  1. Office hours are 10am-1pm through the end of this week. If this changes I will let you know. The State school closure mandate for education allows someone to work away from home if their work is providing or is in support of distance learning. That is about all I’m doing at the moment.
  2. Packets of school work have been lovingly and painstakingly prepared by your class teacher. They are laid out on the students’ desks. Your class teacher will notify you when they are ready to be collected.
  3. Class teachers are also preparing online classes in ZOOM, Google Classroom and Khan Academy. There are many other sites that offer K-12 lessons such as National Geographic Kids, NOVA and more. (see link below for for some great resources) Once we are up and running with the basics the teachers may ask students to access these other sites as well. That said, Waldorf education is founded on students experiencing for themselves their lessons, their teachers and their world. We are most definitely not trying to force these experiences through a computer screen. What we are trying to do is meet the academic basics in education for the next two months. The teachers and I have had many heart-to-heart conversations about our willingness to compromise around student computer use. One of the most powerful aspects of Waldorf Education is the students’ internalization of the very best qualities of their teacher. So, for two months we are offering this exchange via ZOOM.

    This is an offering, it is not a requirement that students participate. The State has asked me to provide the learning opportunities we are preparing, not to report on parent and student participation. There will be no State exam or other form of accountability on your end. So in this unique circumstance, when no one else is prescribing what we ought to do, what do we do? We put the child first, we put the child’s academic, social/emotional and doing forces first. Please engage your student in something new, new ideas, new animals, new recipes, and new experiences. If you wish to adopt the title, you are now a co-educator!

  4. Our goal for distance learning: complete grade level standards in mathematics, raise all student reading comprehension levels and write, write, write.
  5. Summer School: the State has not mandated that students make up this time during the summer, but we are working on some ideas. We are discussing some academic-based classes to support student success in their coming grade. I will keep you posted as these ideas build.
  6. Childcare for front-line workers. IF YOU WORK IN AN INDUSTRY THAT IS DEFINED AS FRONT LINE BY THE STATE OF ARIZONA AND NEED CHILD CARE, please respond to There are two such child care programs in Prescott now, but if there is further need we can do this.
  7. If you need to borrow a Chromebook for your student’s school work we have them available to loan. Please come by the school to check one out.

Thank you to every single one of you for supporting your child’s learning at home. It is no small task. We are here to support you and to support your Mountain Oak School student. Please contact me with questions and suggestions. As this is a new process for everyone involved, communication is paramount.


Be well,

Susan Beck
Education Director

PS. Great resources for online learning: