Mountain Oak School holds many fundraisers through out the school year:

1. Annual Spring Rummage Sale 
2. Equal Exchange Fundraiser
3. Seeds Fundraiser
4. Wildflower and Chipotle Nights
5. Baked goods- class fundraisers
6. Annual Winter Craft Fair
7. Kids Kreations
8. Lunch Program
9. And many more........

Go to and they will donate up to 16% of purchases. Register to support Mountain Oak (ID number 153322276). There are hundreds of online stores to follow link shop from including Target, Best Buy, Ebay, Lego, Apple Store, etc.

Shop at and 15% of proceeds will be donated to MOuntain Oak School

Amazon will now donate .5% of the price of your eligible purchases when you shop. Go to to register and choose Mountain Oak School as your organization.

Box Tops! Box tops can be found on many cereal boxes, zip lock brand, and many other packaged foods. Bring in your box tops to help support Mountain Oak School. Watch those dates, expired box tops will not be accepted.

Wednesday- School Newsletter: Advertise your small business, classes, etc. in the Wednesday for a flat fee of only $5 per week.

School Tax Credit

What school tax credits are available to individuals?
An individual may claim a credit for making contributions or paying fees to a public school for support of extra curricular activities or character education programs. An individual may also claim a credit for making a donation to a qualified school tuition organization for scholarships to private schools.
Who may claim the the best choice viagra uk buy individual school tax credits?
The individual school tax credits are available only to buy brand viagra individuals. Partnerships and S corporations cannot pass these credits through to their partners or shareholders. These credits are also not available to trusts, estates, regular corporations, or S corporations. TO FIND OUT MORE CLICK HERE




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