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USE THIS LINK to go directly to the website. Purchases made with this link allocate a percentage of the purchase to Mountain Oak School with no extra cost to you. This is a great way to do your regular Amazon online shopping and benefit the school at the same time!
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'Keeping It Local' Student Fund Raiser

Mountain Oak School does an annual signature fundraiser that support the school's general fund and each year a specific highlighted program.

Beginning in Spring 2010, a plan to create a school fundraiser that moved away from promotions for products that were produced out of the country was conceived. Every product offered in this fundraiser comes from Prescott business, so the money raised supports the school, but also supports local businesses and keeps our money in the community.
Fall 2011 Student Fundraiser donors include:

Music for Wonder


Music for Wonder is an annual fundraiser where a variety of accomplished Arizona bands, including the internationally acclaimed blues band—SHRI—, The Cheektones- a Prescott favorite, and the Arizona Highway band, - Major Lingo- have performed. All the improvement with levitra 100 mg money raised at the “Music For Wonder” event is designated for the arts curriculum at Mountain Oak School.
Three years ago, the “Music for Wonder” concert at the Elk’s theatre brought in $5000.  It featured Liz Story and viagra professional filled the Elk’s theatre to standing room only. Ines Vitols and Grace Campbell, father and mother of a fifth grader at Mountain Oak were the director and producer of the Music for Wonder event. “Each year I’d like to focus on a different theme" says Ines. Last year’s theme was a family open air concert.  “I firmly believe that a picnic with family and friends in a beautiful spot such as Watson Lake Park and listening to good music are important for us as individuals and for the Prescott community as a whole”. Ines continued, “Music for Wonder is an outgrowth of my love for what the school offers to the community and canada cialis no prescription my commitment to the beauty and inspiration of their curriculum."

School Tax Credit

What school tax credits are available to individuals?
An individual may claim a credit for making contributions or paying fees to a public school for support of extra curricular activities or character education programs. An individual may also claim a credit for making a donation to a qualified school tuition organization for scholarships to private schools.
Who may claim the individual school tax credits?
The individual school tax credits are available only to individuals. Partnerships and S corporations cannot pass these credits through to their partners or shareholders. These credits are also not available to trusts, estates, regular corporations, or S corporations. TO FIND OUT MORE CLICK HERE

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