CREATIVITY/INNOVATION   Mountain Oak is co-created by faculty, staff, board, parents and children through innovative ways. We maintain discovery and enthusiasm by integrating academics and the arts.  We actively foster experiences of goodness, beauty, and truth which lead to imagination and then to understanding. Thereby, children become adults who can think creatively and see novel solutions to buying accutane from india weekly issues faced by the global community.


RESPECT  Mountain Oak respects every child by providing developmentally appropriate education which honors each child's individual growth physically, emotionally, intellectually, and artistically.  We cultivate reverence for the topics natural world, all cultures, and humanity by developing respectful relationships with our environment and community.  Respect among and where to buy cheap abilify online between all members of our community - children, peers, parents, teachers, staff, administrators, board members and guests - is paramount.


INTEGRITY/ETHICS  Mountain Oak ensures our children utilize their hands, heart, and mind to discover their inner integrity.  The adult Mountain Oak community supports the development of our children by living and communicating our own core values and modeling ethical behaviors.

RESPONSIBILITY  Mountain Oak provides a safe learning environment in which each child can reach his/her highest potential, guided by the collaborations of teachers, parents, and community.  In this environment, while achieving Arizona state standards, children are becoming strong, successful responsible contributors to an ever-changing society.

COMPASSION  Mountain Oak welcomes diverse perspectives with respect and honor. We treat each other and the communities we belong to with kindness.  We communicate honestly our different views, opinions, and conflicts with the goal to improve our relationships. Our students explore the history of humanity through a lens of empathy and curiosity to discover the wisdom that arises through the ages.


COMMUNITY/SERVICE  Mountain Oak is a Waldorf-inspired community within the we like it buy januvia online no prescription larger community of levitra pills online Prescott. We work collaboratively and cheap 20 mg levitra types cooperatively to make a positive impact for our school and the world around us, now and for future generations. We focus on respect for the rights of others and accepting diverse viewpoints of our community.  Parents, faculty, and staff participate in the ongoing study of Waldorf education, enrichment, festival celebration, social connections, and meaningful work within and outside of our school community.

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