Our policies play a critical role in helping every student achieve the highest level of academic success and providing a safe, respectful environment for all members of branded levitra the Mountain Oak School community.

It’s important for every member of the school community to read and understand current policies. DOWNLOAD the School Handbook.

Mountain Oak School works hard to keep our learning environment productive and safe. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments on school policies.

Media Policy

This is an edited excerpt from the buy low price cialis good choice Parents' Handbook. Some details have been left out which are addressed in the Handbook.

The passivity inherent in watching television or playing video games is increasingly recognized by educators and parents as counterproductive to the process of learning and growth in the young child. Waldorf education has long been in the forefront of the movement against excessive "screen time"; we are pleased that other professionals now voice the same opinion.

Regular School Hours

Monday - Friday  - 8:15 am  - 12:00 pm
Student will be considered absent a full day if student arrives after 8:50 am or leaves before 11:30 am. Parents must bring their tardy child to the office for a late pass.


  • Monday-Friday - 8:15 am - 3:00 pm 
  • Student will be considered absent a full day if he/she misses more than 3.25 hours in a school day.
  • Student is allowed to leave class for appointments for up to 1.25 hours without any absence.

Students may arrive at school after 7:45 a.m. to the front playground. Students are not to be anywhere else on campus at this time unless accompanied by a parent or teacher. School starts promptly at 8:15 a.m.

For your child’s welfare, please be prompt. A parent’s lateness can cause unnecessary stress and worry for the child. If you are unavoidably delayed, please leave a message at the school office so we can assure your child and make necessary arrangements. If your child is to be picked up by someone other than yourself, please let the office and teacher know by sending a note or telephoning as soon as possible. Use of the office telephone after school requires permission of the student’s teacher and front office personnel.

The Kindergarten morning ends at 12:00.

1st–8th Grades:
The school day ends at 3:00 p.m. Please be prompt in picking up your child. Students not picked up at 3:15 p.m. will wait in the office. Parents will be charged $5 for every 15min for any student not picked up by 3:15 p.m.

Before and After School Policy
Playground opens at 7:45 am. Students may not arrive prior to this time. MOS does not provide after school care after 3:00 pm.

School closure or 2 hour delay during inclement weather is in alignment with Prescott Unified School District (PUSD) determination of safe driving conditions. Call MOS after 6:00 am for an up-to-date recording of school cancellation or delay, or check the visit our site PUSD website after 5:45 am. Local radio stations may also announce delays and school closures.

Please call the MOS office as soon as possible to notify the school of any absence or arrival after 9:30 am for the grades and 8:50 am for kindergarten. Any student arriving after these times must be signed in by a parent/guardian.  If your child is to leave early, please come to the office to sign out, and a staff member will bring him/her to the office.

Dress Code
Appropriate student dress is an integral factor in creating a healthy educational setting. The appearance of students has definite influence on the performance of schoolwork, the social atmosphere of the classroom, the comfort of other students, and the perceptions of younger students. It is advisable that students have appropriate indoor clothing so they are not too cold or warm. Students spend time in and out of the best place doors each day and help buy viagra in las vegas should be dressed appropriately.

Everyday (including field trips): Students should dress in a manner that reflects their intention for academic pursuit: Clothing with subdued colors that is simple, neat, clean, and whole (no rips or cut-offs). Clothing should not draw attention, distract, or display excessive trendiness, particularly with or “by virtue of” writing and illustrations.

Acceptable Dress:

  1. Trousers or slacks-(non restrictive clothing).
  2. Minimum length of shorts, dresses and skirts: at or below fingertip length.
  3. Shirts, blouses and dresses should have sleeves or straps that are at least 3 fingers in width (1 1/2 inches wide) and a finished collar.
  4. Opaque material.
  5. Nature illustrations.
  6. School logos.
  7. Thigh length tops worn over leggings.
  8. Closed toed shoes or sturdy, closed toed sandals with a back strap.
  9. Athletic clothes and shoes that fit the dress code guidelines.
  10. UV filtering sunglasses are permitted during outside activities but not in class.

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